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Lindsay Caine

A former dancer, Lindsay appreciates the importance of fitness and balance in mind, body and spirit. She has played many roles during her 20 years in the health and fitness industry, including manager, weight loss and wellness coach, and in-home trainer.


Lindsay was first exposed to the Pilates method as a dancer back in 2001. She found herself returning to Pilates in 2009 seeking more strength and flexibility after having her 3 daughters. Her passion for health and movement guided Lindsay through completing an intense 13-month Pilates teacher training program. Lindsay is also Level 1 Healing Touch certified, trained in barre method with CoreBarre, and continues her study in the Franklin Method with Eric Franklin.

Lindsay’s love for Pilates comes from being able to work with all types of bodies and body conditions regardless of whether people are starting from a place of dysfunction, pain, or exceptional strength & fitness. The ultimate service is to learn to take care of ourselves so that we can better care for those in our lives.  The culmination of years of experience is to finally be able to pass on Pilates to the next generation of instructors.

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Rachael Dehner

Rachael is coming up on a decade of teaching Pilates at Pilates + Yoga Studio. She started a regular Pilates practice back in high school after years of playing sports resulted in significant knee injuries. After just a couple of classes, it was clear the practice offered crucial pain relief while still offering a challenging, exciting, and rewarding form of movement. She was sold immediately. 


Fast forward a few years, while doing her undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis, Pilates continued to be a big part of Rachael’s life. It was at this time of great stress that she came to really appreciate and rely upon the benefits of mindfulness and centering that the Pilates method also offers. When the opportunity to start a comprehensive, classical Pilates training presented itself, it was such an obvious and easy choice to make. Throughout the training and then post-grad, Rachael’s passion for teaching the method to people of all ages and capabilities grew. Since completing her training in 2014, Rachael has continued her pursuit of knowledge more specifically as it relates to womens’ health. She has completed a pre-natal yoga training and is a Postpartum Certified Exercise Specialist. 


Rachael hopes clients leave her classes feeling confident, supported, strong, and eager to continue exploring their movement capabilities. She believes movement should be as fun as it is challenging. She can’t wait to share her passion, enthusiasm, and years of experience with the next wave of future Pilates instructors!  

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Kathryn Hoffmann

Kathryn was first introduced to Pilates in 2012 when she went to the studio for a yoga class and ended up taking Pilates instead. She instantly fell in love with the method and enrolled in a classical, comprehensive program shortly thereafter. Since completing the program, Kathryn has been teaching at Pilates + Yoga.


As a former gymnast, Kathryn finds joy in movement and wants to help others do the same. She believes in cultivating a healthy relationship with your body through mindful movement. 


Kathryn found her own training to be transformative - physically, mentally, and emotionally. It gave her a sense of purpose and direction at a time when she needed it.  She can’t wait to create space for trainees to experience growth in their practice and personal lives.

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About Me-Kathryn
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