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In-Person, St. Louis Based.



Based off Joseph Pilates' original repertoire.


All modalities, all levels.


Compassionate, collaborative, supportive.

Why Flourish Pilates?

Why Flourish Pilates?

The power of three. This program was created and is lead by three seasoned Pilates instructors with 30 years of combined teaching experience. Trainees will benefit from a wide range of experience and perspectives on the Pilates method, as all the instructors have something unique to offer to the program.


Local. While we have all adapted to a more virtual world, our in-person training offers a unique learning opportunity. We are completely St. Louis based, meaning we are especially accessible to you throughout the training process. In addition to in-studio training weekends, trainees will be able to complete their observation hours and take classes with the lead instructors. 


Classical. While we appreciate contemporary adaptations of the method, there is just something about studying the original repertoire of Joseph Pilates. We view it as a strong foundation from which everything else follows. Through this foundational practice, trainees will have the tools and knowledge needed to go forth and teach the method through their own unique lens.


Comprehensive. In order to fully understand the method, we believe it serves trainees to be well-versed on all modalities and at all levels. It allows trainees to see the progression of the method (foundations to advanced) as well as the ways each modality affects the movement. A comprehensive program equips future instructors with the ability to apply the Pilates method to all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. 


Community. We want to infuse the Pilates community with compassionate and talented teachers. But first, we want to build a sense of community amongst the trainees by creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment. We want to plant seeds of success, “water” one another throughout the program, and watch you (you guessed it) flourish.

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